Who We Are

Hamilton Knight is the UK’s only firm of specialist Insurance Head Hunters, born out of the fact that insurers and brokers are finding it increasing difficult to attract top quality employees via traditional advertisements and recruitment agencies.

Hamilton Knight help companies find the finest staff in the Insurance Industry.

Hamilton Knight uses a unique 24 step Head Hunting process to proactively source the top achievers within the industry for its clients. There is no reliance on a response to advertisements or a limited database. It has been our experience that advertisements and databases all too often yield the best of the unhappy, unqualified and unemployed. The people that you seek, the top achievers, aren’t responding to advertisements or registered with agencies, they are too busy being successful with their current employers.

So how do we find these people?

They are available if approached by a professional recruiter in a systematic and professional manner.

Each of our consultants have over two years experience of Head Hunting within the insurance industry and have built strong partnerships with the likes of Zurich Financial Services, Allianz Cornhill, ACE Group, Royal and SunAlliance, The Saint Paul, Fortis and Sterling Insurance.

Our focus is to be accountable and deliver on time ensuring absolute quality in the candidates that we present.

The process that Hamilton Knight follows is so successful that we have no form of retainers or upfront fees and work on a results only basis.

Hamilton knight
Tel: 02392 752644 Email: contact@hamiltonknight.co.uk